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The Reverend

A Gooner for over thirty years, The Reverend was ordained online in 2002 in a drunken stupor during the early hours of an off-season morning. He maintains a particular fondness for sideburns, a devotion to Pale Ale, and a fascination for First World War field artillery. His earliest Arsenal memory is a dismal one: the Cup Winner’s Cup Final of 1980.


What WG may lack in life experience he makes up for in youthful exuberance and upbeat enthusiasm. He’s very fond of a good beer, and preferably several of them at a time. He hails from a family of loyal Gooners, and never fails to make a holy pilgrimage to the NHOF in the east every year. Follow him on Twitter: @WicklowGooner


Ah, JT, the thinking man’s enigma. This South Dublin bon viveur is noted for his acerbic wit, his deep attachment to Smithwicks, and his particularly masochistic computer gaming habits. You won’t find him on Twitter, YouTube or public transport.