Arsenal Betting Guide: Games and Outrights

Arsenal Betting Guide: Games and Outrights

Would you like to bet on the Gunners, but never really understood how betting markets work? Now let’s have a look at the most relevant betting markets for you to have fun and maybe profit from your knowledge about footie and The Gunners.

Essentially, the betting markets are divided into match result bets, which is a more specific form of betting focused around a specific game, and long-term markets that are called outright markets.

The most popular betting markets of football (soccer) are those focused on the events of one single game, like a derby between Arsenal and Tottenham, for example.

The odds are calculated by the bookies and the markets according to several factors. In the past, this was related to the form of the teams more than anything else. These days, the punters try to anticipate what will happen based, for example, on injury news, which is highly related to factors like the health and fitness staff of the club. 

As there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work these days to make sure a team is in top form, the preparation of a team involves things coming from the manager such as the tactics and formation, up to the best tricks of the fitness staff such as telling a player things to do for muscle soreness in order to heal and be ready for the next challenge. 

The richer clubs usually have a bit more structure, but any club in the Premiership will count on some very good staff to make sure their valuable players are ready to face each match of the calendar, both the 38 games of the EPL and other fixtures such as domestic and international cup games.

The punters usually follow the team news as a very important factor, and the good work of all club members makes a difference at the end of the day.

Now let’s have a look at the basic betting market odds and how they work

Match Result Odds: 1X2 Market

The most popular betting market out there is the 1×2. In this system, the punters try to guess what team will win, or if there will be a match draw. The match draw is represented by the X, while the victory of the hosts is represented by ‘1’ and the visitors ‘2’.

Odds are multipliers, and the most popular system for them in the world is the decimal one, although in the UK the fractional odds are also quite popular.

So if the odds for the next big game of Arsenal are 2.0 for a victory of The Gunners, this means you can earn 100% profit. So if you bet £10, you could win £10, as the bookie would pay you 20 pounds, the ten from your stake returned plus the profit.

Outrights Betting Odds

The outright odds work in the very same way. However, the bookie will only pay you after the season ends. So, if you bet on who will win the Prem before the season, you’ll have to wait until the next year, after a team lifts the EPL trophy. Right now the odds for a triumph of Arsenal in the ongoing season are 1.70 on average.


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