Premier League Outright Betting Analysis

Premier League Outright Betting Analysis

The English Premier League is considered one of the most popular leagues in the world of football, with millions of fans around the globe. As the competition progresses, football enthusiasts are taking a keen interest in the outright betting, which is placing a bet on a particular team to win the tournament.

This article will discuss the current situation of the English Premier League outright market, focusing on Arsenal’s current odds of winning the tournament.

Arsenal Leading the Outright Market

As of March 2023, Arsenal is the favourite to win the Premier League according to the outright market, followed by Manchester City. The average odds for the Gooners title after so many years is of 1.91 on most international bookies, while the odds for another title of Man City are between 2.10 and 2.25 depending on where you bet.

Manchester United is the only other contender with odds that indicate some actual chance, at 15 to 1 on average right now. All other teams including Newcastle United have odds of 150.0+ in the European decimal system of odds.

If you’re a beginner in the world of footie betting, the outrights market is interesting because we can compare it with another national passion: horse racing betting.

In the world of horse racing, much like in the outright market, we can bet on several teams to win the market and still make a profit. The reason behind it is the big odds paid, which reflect the fact that often we have lots of contenders with viable chances, which allows us to bet on more than one selection.

This is especially the case of the Premier League, where several teams have some chance, unlike leagues like the Bundesliga or Ligue 1 where FC Bayern and PSG normally have very low odds which kind of is a deal breaker to bet like in horse racing. While the odds of Man City and Arsenal aren’t quite big now, it’s still possible to bet focusing on a team with lower odds and bet a few pounds on teams with giant odds to make sure that if an unlikely event happens, you’ll profit anyways!

If you’re betting for example in events that are traditional in the UK, Cheltenham festival tips and general information about horse betting are ways to learn how to bet on this market. Let’s say there are 5 horses with odds bigger than 7, you can bet £10 on all horses, and if just one of them wins, you’ll win £70, which will cover for the losses of the other four, resulting in a net profit of £20 while you have the fun of betting on several contenders simultaneously. The outrights market is just like that.

The Premier League outright market and horse racing have a long list of potential outcomes, making it exciting and challenging for punters. Punters can bet on the top four, top candidates, top goal scorers, etc. With so many options, it is easy to get carried away, and punters are advised to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before placing their bets.

Summary: EPL Title Betting Scenario

Arsenal and City have the faith of the markets, and the odds are now closer to 2.0, but there are still some that believe in an unlikely title of Man Utd or a miracle title of other teams with odds bigger than 150. Another Leicester miracle, for example, could pay 4500 to 1, although as of Round 26, that doesn’t seem to be the case really!

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