Arsenal missed out on transfer target this summer to another Premier League club

It has been revealed that Arsenal missed out on a player to Manchester United earlier this summer.

Edwin van der Sar is a name that is known to most in the football world due to his ability between the sticks; being an inspiration for many growing up when he was playing for their reason of wanting to play in goal.

He now finds himself in an important role at one of the clubs he was a star for, as he is the current Ajax CEO, and it seems he may have inadvertently helped out another of his former clubs at the expense of Arsenal, even if it was not directly linked.

According to the CEO, the Gunners had put in an offer for defender Lisandro Martinez long before Manchester United had, howeber it had been rejected.

Speaking to The Times, he revealed: “It was our opinion they (Lisandro Martinez and Antony) should stay for another year.

“We gave a firm ‘no’ to Arsenal when they came first for Lisandro; we fought hard to keep him.”

Indeed, the defender has been impressive at United since signing this summer, as he has helped to make them a little better at the back, which has led to many opting to use the available Bet365 bonus that is possible to acquire when placing their bets on the matches that involve the club.

But, have Arsenal really missed out? Or, are they doing as well as they could without him in north London?

Many had known what to expect from the Argentine when he arrived, as he had been a star for Ajax, although he did not come without his criticisms. For instance, many continued to pick on his height and say that his lack of height would be an incredible problem.

However, as mentioned, the Gunners actually appear to be doing rather well without him. The likes of Gabriel – who recently just signed a new long-term contract – and William Saliba are looking exceptional in the middle of the backline, while we have seen Arsenal continue to compete at the top of the league.

Of course, there is no doubt that he has been good, but Arsenal certainly appear to be fine without him. Some may still be wondering what could have been depending on how the Premier League season comes to an end, but there is no point looking back on something, especially when the two centre-backs at the club currently are performing as well as they are.

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