Being An Arsenal Fan During The Transfer Window

It’s 11 days into the January transfer window and despite constantly checking the BBC sport gossip pages Arsenal have yet to announce any signings. I’m convinced that they do it just to annoy me. However, Diaby did manage to come through 60 odd minutes of a reserve game so at least he is LANS right.  To try to perk myself, The Reverend and all the fellow members of the Goonerrepublic up I will try to list some things that are worse than being an Arsenal fan during the transfer window. Here we go:

You have just finished a rather enjoyable visit to the bathroom. Perhaps you read a book you enjoy or check your twitter feed. You reach for the roll and BAM!!! It’s not there.

You have been on your post holiday diet for a week or so and everything is going well. You arrive into work and someone has nipped to the local bakery and got a 6 pack of your favourite jam & custard filled doughnuts.

You are a one armed man who finds himself somehow dangling over the edge of a cliff with a fall that will surely kill you. Suddenly your balls begin to itch.

You arrive at your local off licence to pick up some Friday night beer to discover they are all out of Sierra Nevada. All that’s left on the shelves is Budweiser cans.

You sit down to watch the game on Sunday to find that Sky Sports have signed Chris “Pelanty” Waddle and John Barnes to cover all remaining Arsenal games for the season.

We could have signed Joey Barton or John Terry or Ryan Shawcross or… you get the point.

You could wake up to the morning papers proclaiming Tony Pulis as the new Arsenal manager for next season.

Finally the worst of all, you could be a Sp*rs fan. I say fan, I mean blithering idiot.

These are all things worse than being a gooner during the transfer window. If anyone can think of a few more than please feel free to add or let us know on twitter. The boss also gave his press conference today and of course he was also asked about his plans for the transfer window. We got the usual guff about exceptional players blah blah blah. Save yourselves the hassle and (a) give it a miss & (b) don’t read too much into anything he says, unless of course it’s announcing a new signing.

Hopefully we will be able to give some sort of preview for the Citeh game in the next couple of days. In the meantime have patience Gooners.

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