The Arsenal Drinking Game

Howdy Gooners

I know things have been filled with doom and gloom in the last couple weeks when it comes to our club so I think we need to lighten things up and make us feel a bit better, that’s right its time for the Arsenal drinking game. There are a few rules that I will outline below. Lets get playing.

If the following happens then you need to take a drink of whatever is in your hand, preferably alcohol.

1. Wenger talks about how great the team spirit is after yet another game we have lost that should have resulted in 3 points.

2.Gervinho shows the control of a newborn deer and manages to bundle the ball out of play.

3. Theo puts the head down and runs into the corner when a simple pass is a better idea

4. Ramsey loses the ball after holding onto it for 20 seconds more than he should have.

5. Wenger jumps up off the bench while throwing his arms out like the Christ The Redeemer in Rio

6.Vermaelen storms up the pitch like a supermodel after a laxative

7. Arshavin comes on and looks like he was happier sitting in his warm coat on the bench

8. Sagna has yet another excellent game that makes you wonder where his new contract is

9. Cazorla looks like he has the ball glued to his feet

10. Jack sticks his tongue out

If the following happen then you must finish your drink

1. The commentary team mention the fact Arsenal havent won a trophy in the last 7 years

2. Giroud looks impossibly handsome.

We have West Brom at home on Saturday and I feel this could be the perfect time to try the game for the first team as even if we were to lose you will be too drunk to care as all of the above will happen bar number 1 hopefully.

If anyone has any other rules we could follow then please suggest.

Remeber drink responsakibilly


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