Robin’s Reluctant Retreat?

After some Biblical esqe rainfall early on in the day I now find myself sitting out my back garden enjoying a bottle of Wychwood Alcoholic Ginger Beer and I must say its very good. The weather in Ireland is really as unpredictable as the summer going on’s at a Premiership football club. During a week in which we have basically signed a member of perhaps the greatest international side ever seen and have entered into negotiations for the lynchpin of the initial Dortmund Bundesliga winning team our Captain has reportedly rethought his position and views of his current club.

Yesterday myself and the Reverend had a conversation regarding many things Arsenal, one topic I broached was the position of Van Persie and his ‘statement’ given the recent  transfer activity at the club, my feeling being that he has been made to look rather foolish about the clubs supposed lack of ambition.Rumour abounds today that he is giving serious thought to his previous stance and is willing to re-enter negotiations with the club. Is this because of our activities in the market thus far coupled with a move supposedly underway which I will hopefully have more on tomorrow or as the cynics among us suggest, a reaction to the lack of genuine interest in the Lying Dutchman. Since the club dismissed the UNited bid out of hand there has been no formal offers made to the club. Much has been made in papers of a supposed bid from the Old Lady of Turin but with allegations hanging over their coach I’m not too sure of the validity of the offer.

Personally I will stick to the stance I made when the Statement was first issued, he should be sold. The public questioning of the ambition and policy of the club should not be tolerated by any club. If he stays, somehow manages another injury free season and scores goals i will still appreciate his talents but I wont want him at the club.I was at the Emirates cup a couple of years ago with Mrs Gooner for Cuntabayor’s first game in the red and white after his contract issued and the reception was less than polite, sometime I feel Van Persie can expect if he stays at the club.

The other big issue surrounding potential departures at the club involves Barcelona interest in Alex Song. Apparently the Catalan club have been sniffing around and while I presume he has no Barcelona DNA flowing through his veins the interest seems genuine. I feel that if the club receives an offer that they feel is acceptable he will be on his way. His contract runs until 2015 so we are under no pressure to sell. However the emergence of Le Coq coupled with the feeling at the club that Diaby has finally sorted out his injury problems could mean that we won’t be seeing the No 17 in the centre of the pitch next season. While some people may bemoan his sale we aren’t exactly short of midfield options: Arteta, Cazorla, Coquelin, Diaby, Frimpong, Oxlade, Ramsey, Rosicky & Wilshere will all be vying for the 3 midfield places providing we are still playing a 433, many people feel we will revert to a 442 next season to accommodate our new signings. While I know some people feel we are light in people who will shoulder the defensive responsibilities of the team I don’t feel Song does this job particularly well. I imagine it is his role within the team despite what people feel Arteta does for us and I imagine Le Boss has scouted more than one or two players capable of doing a job for us.

Thats yer lot to chew over and berate me for today, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with some defensive news.

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