Christmas Comes Early As Santi Arrives

Late Last night I received the following text from my Everton supporting future brother in law

“Santi Cazorla just tweeted that he’s a Gooner. Yobo has joined Fenerbache”.

We can ignore the second part of the text as it is irrelevant to most if not all of what I’m about to type. The first part however had me rushing to fire up my laptop to check on my trusted twitter feed to see for myself. Bitter and crushing disappointment followed as numerous prominent bloggers that I follow were reporting that the tweet had come from a fake account using the midfielders name. How fucking sad are some people. I can only hope that it was a fan of the Sp*ds that thought to do this as what pleasure could a Gooner obtain from falsely proclaiming the signing of what a lot of fans have been calling out for, a creative player in the middle of the park of genuine class and experience.

Cue this morning and the firing up of twitter when i had arrived into work to find reports from various sources and sites that Santi has had his medical at the club and the signing could be announced as soon as today(at time of writing this has not happened). The deal is as done as it can be prior to the official announcement. Cazorla has had a tour of the training facilities and met the first team players(do you think he bothered talking to RVP considering all the stories in the press lately?). You must imagine that Arteta did most of the introductions, I bet he gave his own opinions on people to Santi as they met in Spanish to give the new lad the lie of the land. Talk has that he may well be ensconced enough in the club to make the trip with the squad to Cologne for our final pre season game before shit gets serious.

Looking around the Interwebs and reading various pieces, the one thing you feel he will bring to the club above all else is creativity coupled with intelligence on the pitch that we don’t always seem to witness from our players. 7amkickoff have the relevant stats for everyone to look at but this does feel like the marquee signing we have been looking for, if not in terms of worldwide recognition, in pure footballing ability will do it for me. If the Sahin deal also comes to fruition and indicators seem to be that it will(despite interest from Galatasary we seem his preferred destination and he has already rather hilariously dismissed the spuds out of hand) than regardless of where our former captain ends up I will view our Summer dealings in a rather positive light.

A quick calculation tells me that 4 quality players in minus 1 injury prone 18 month goalscoring striker equals a much better squad than last season. Coupled with the return of Wilshere along with Diaby who seems very confident in himself regarding his ability to stay fit for the coming season and we could be looking at a very promising season indeed.

After the words from Robin in early July the club seem to have made him look slightly foolish with regards to ambition and whatnot and you wonder in the face of no serious bids whether he has backed himself into a rather tight corner. I will look further at this tomorrow along with the potential sale of Alex Song.

Finally for today, I was watching the USA annihilate the Nigerians last night and was struck by a thought. If Giroud can finish his chances anything like Carmelo Anthony(he was ridiculous last night) than RVP will be a distant unpleasant taste in the mouths of Gooners all around the world come next season

Till The Next Time

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