Things Need To Change And Quick

Fellow Gooners

This has been some week my friends. We have had badly worded statements released from our now conniving captain and our Bond Villian Alike Share Holder( does anyone else think he looks like a cross between Blofeld from Goldfinger and a less cuddly version of a Star Wars Ewok, just saying). Ex-players have been spouting far and wide about the need for wholesale changing and the opening of war chests(i’ve never understood this one, surely bank vault would be a better saying). Even the title of this very blog I sit here typing talks about the need for quick change. However I am talking about the need for change from our current situation to a whole different reason to everyone else. The Spuds.

I have been a Gooner for roughly the last 16 years( I’m not a bandwagon fan or anything, im only 25 so I can’t really claim longer than the 16) and during this time I have been afforded the oppurtunity to lord over any Spud fans I know simply because I am a Gooner. I realise that the events of the last week haven’t changed this and come May I fully expect us to still be sitting above them in the league. However if we compare and contrast the news of the two clubs over the last week or so it’s not good reading.

While we effectively lost the top goalscorer for last season they managed to convince their highly rated most divingest chimp faced winger in the world to sign a new contract to remain at the club.While Blowok as I will now call him as its easier than spelling his actual name was questioning all and sundry at and about our club, they managed to convince the Portuguese Ginger Bearded Xabi Alonso to become their manager after Deputy Dawg left. I appreciate that all is not completely rosy in their garden either as it is widely expected that the malnourished looking Modric is off to the whiter pastures of Madrid to frolic with Ronaldo and Co. Even so I ask this of our club,

Please sort your fucking selves out so that we the fans can go back to doing what we do best, mocking the Spuds and making jokes about sweaty cocks on their chest.

Later Gooners

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