Should He Stay Or Should He Go

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this given the lack of media coverage but this morning the Captain met with Le Boss to discuss his contract situation. In 12 months RVP will be able to leave the club on a free transfer so these talks are of utmost importance. As I write this there has been no news from either the player himself or the club. The outcome of the discussions will tell us a lot about where our club is going and if we can expect to challenge next season.

The figures being bandied about reckon the club will offer RVP a wage in the region of 150k a week for four years along with a signing on bonus of £5 million. This equates to £35 million over the course of the contract separate from any sponsorship offer he may receive elsewhere. Various media outlets report that Citeh are prepared to offer RVP wages in the region of 250k a week should he decide that he wishes to leave. This would allow RVP to earn approx £50 million over the course of a contract. While I appreciate that there is quite a difference in wages earned on offer I don’t necessarily think this will enter into RVP’s mind. To the ordinary working man an extra 50% in wages would entice them to leave their current employer. however when your current wage would still allow you to live the life you want without ever having to worry about money it might not be such a deciding factor. This is why I think Van Persie’s decision will be based on whatever assurances the club make to him regarding the direction of the club  over the next couple of years.

Robin has been at the club for 8 years now and has only won a FA Cup during this time. This contract is likely to be his last one at an elite level club as he will turn 29 in August. He will be 33 when his next contract expires and realistically speaking given his record of injuries will be entering the twilight of his career. Wherever he goes next will be where he feels he is most likely to win some silverware. Th early singing of Pods may have been an indication to him by the club that they intend to seriously strengthen the squad over the summer with some quality players. Most of us sitting at home can tell that the current squad needs a few minor tweaks and adjustments if we are to challenge and you can be sure that a senior professional like Van Persie is aware of this too. If Ivan the Great and AW can show Robin that the club will be in a position to mount a serious challenge on the League and Champion’s League fronts than I feel we will see him stay.

The final factor that will surely enter into his thoughts is that of family life. RVP has been at the club since he was 21. He has two kids under the age of six which means they have lived their entire life in London. Himself and his wife have both spoken recently about how settled they are in the Capital and how much their children enjoy life. To uproot everything at this age would be a big undertaking for a young family and one that the Van Persie’s might not be prepared to make, hopefully.

I’m hoping that we can look forward to another 30 goal premier league haul from the Dutchman next season and hopefully so are all other gooners out there .

I must also congratulate Theo and The Ox on making it into England’s Euro 2012 squad. Lets hope the experience is good for The Ox and doesn’t set him back the way it did to Theo if he doesn’t feature.



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