Arsenal v Man City Preview

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A quick match preview today, we will discuss the result tomorrow with a more analytical eye.The Arse have no fresh injury concerns today so the Boss has the same squad of players to choose from last Weekend’s defeat to Perma-Permed Hughes’ QPR. Personally I would like to see either of The Ox or The Forehead come in to replace Ramsey.

I’m not a Ramsey basher by any means and I like to see him involved in the starting XI but not in the wide left berth. His tendency to drift into the middle throughout the game leaves us with a lack of width of the left as seen last week where the majority of our attacks were forced to be played down the right hand side. If the manager wants a more defensively responsible player out there than why not play Santos. We have all seen his natural attacking instincts on display this season but he would be more defensively aware than our other options.

On the Citeh side, Aguero has recovered from whatever foot fungus problem he has and is likely to start up front, although I think the pace of our two central defenders should allow them to cope with the talented Argie. Expect Emirates returns for Clichy and Na$ri today, I wonder which of them will get the better reception?

An interesting statistic courtesy of Sky Sports, Citeh have not won a league game away to Arsenal in their last 26 attempts. That is 18 losses and 8 draws. Here’s hoping today adds another digit into their loss column.

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