Damn Mancunians… Which to hate the most?

For 7 full league games, I had no urge to complain or moan, but after last week’s swift comedown suddenly it all returned… From looking at the fixture list beforehand and thinking that every game was winnable for the remainder of the season, suddenly you’re re-examining that same fixture list and thinking every game is a potential loss… (with the exception of Wolves… surely they can’t lose to Wolves?!) Which leaves one wondering about tomorrow’s encounter with citeh. They were never a team I hated too much in years gone, being the main rival of our greatest foe, but since they have acquired Arsenal as a feeder club obviously that hatred level has risen by a factor calculated by some sort of complex logarithm… Following on from last weeks win, you expect a QPR team managed by Hughes to sit down and collapse against his horrible scot mentor, but when the northern scum fans are hoping the Arsenal will “do them a favour” this weekend and effectively win them the league, all of a sudden there is no outcome of results this weekend that could make a Gooner truly happy… Though Nasri scoring a late own goal from a scuffed Clichy clearance to win it for Arsenal would be a nice bonus… Here’s hoping.

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