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"Welcome To London" - Highly-Rated Source CONFIRMS Wenger Replacement In London

Report according to Daily Express as cited by Football News reveals Brendan Rodger who had been touted as a possible replacement to departing Arsene Wenger was spotted in Train to London earlier today amid report of him taking over the Frenchman.

The report read:

Arsene Wenger announced last Friday that he will retire at the end of the season in what would see the Frenchman's 22-year reign as Arsenal manager brought to an end.

Prior and after the announcement, a whole host of top manager across Europe have been tipped to take over the Frenchman's position at the Emirates.

Brendan Rodgers, who is currently the manager of Scottish giants Celtic, has been touted as the most possible candidate to replace Wenger.

And claims have emerged this morning revealing the Northern Irishman has travelled into London, leading to increased speculation of him taking over Wenger.

A Twitter user posted the picture below showing a suited and booted Rodgers on a train on its way to the capital.

The Twitter user tweeted along with the picture: 

"I’ve just been stood next to Brendan Rodgers on a train into London!"

"Make of that what you will! Emirates bound?"

You can read more of this report by clicking on the link to Football News.

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