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Fans react to Hector Bellerin reply to Piers Morgan's Donald Trump No. 45 Jersey

Arsenal fan and journalist Piers Morgan decided to try and convince US president Donald Trump to take over at the club, but Hector Bellerin didn't see the funny side of the matter.

In an interview for ITV, Morgan sat down with the Mr. President with the pair going back a long way. So much so, Morgan was comfortable enough to hand him a personalized Arsenal shirt and asked him to become their new manager, as seen in the tweet below.

The journalist has given Arsene Wenger a lot stick over the years with his constant tweets blasting the veteran boss as he continues to fall short in the pursuit of major trophies.

However, it appears as though Morgan may have taken his one too far as Bellerin wasn't the least bit amused and wasn't having any of it as he responded to the tweet with a caption: "Hope he said no."

With over 46,856 Retweets and 118,138 Likes and counting, Bellerin's tweet clearly went down a treat and in truth it was the perfect response to a frankly ridiculous segment of the interview.

Judging on the comments below left on the post, it’s fair to say that Bellerin has most probably just earned himself a number of new supporters as it wasn’t just limited to the Arsenal faithful flooding his timeline with positive message.

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