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BBC Latest: Wenger Massive Update On £35m-rated Summer Transfer

Arsene Wenger has finally given an explanation for one of his controversial decision in the transfer market during the summer transfer window.

The Frenchman has gotten used to receiving high criticism form his own fans and pundits after witnessing his side struggle to serve as threat to others for the title yet again this season.

Fans believe the club continued lack of success in the Premier League is down to the Frenchboss's choice in the transfer market which included the sale of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool back in the month of August.

But just before Arsenal Friday's clash with Liverpool at the Emirates, Wenger has revealed he was rather left with no choice but to agree a transfer worth £35m to make a profit over the sale of the 24-year-old who was unwilling to renew his contract, according to BBC.

“He had one year to go,” the Arsenal manager said as quoted via Evening Standard “At the start of the season we had four players with one year to go.

“I wanted him to extend his contract, yes. He decided to go. We respect that but at the end of the day, I decided to sell.

“We respect his decision and that’s absolutely normal and I have no problem with that.

“What’s important is that the players make a good career, preferably in your club. If it doesn’t happen, you still want them to have a good career.”

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